Technical Specification

Details of the Theatre Royal Technical Specifications in both technical dimensions and downloadable PDF. Please contact Dermot Quinn, Technical Manager for more information on 086 1664599

  • General Loose Equipment
    Orchestra Pit
    14 x. Music Stand
    14 x. Music Stand Light
    1 x. Conductor Music Stand
    10 x. 1-2 Metre Stage Brace
    6 x. 1-3 Metre Stage Brace
    10 x. Stage Weight
    10 x. Swivel Coupler
    4 x Boom stands 2- 3 metre
    10 x. Boom arm
    3 x. (approx) 13 amp 4 Gang Plug Board (10 metre)
    4 x. (approx) 13 amp 4 Gang Plug Board ( 3 metre)
    10 x. (approx) 13A IEC
    Various leads and adaptors - ring tech manager for details
    1 x 4.1M Zarges Combination Ladder
    1 x 8.35M, 2 Part, Extension Ladder
    2 x Step Ladder
    Various rigging, conduit, and fixings - ring tech manager for details
  • Backstage Accommodation
    Green Room
    Access: DSL Corner
    It is possible to use the Green Room as a Dressing Room. However, advanced notice must be given to the Technical Manager.
    Dressing Rooms
    2nd Floor:
    1 large (accommodates 8 – 10) & 2 medium (accommodates 4 -5 each)
    1 Laundry room3rd Floor:
    1 large (accommodates 8 – 10) & 2 medium (accommodates 4-5 each)
    Access: DSR wing
  • Power Supplies
    1 No. 5 Pin Cee F - 63A TPN General Purpose, located in Scene Dock
    1 No. 3 Pin Cee F - 32A SPN (Clean Earth), located in Scene Dock
    Tech Gallery
    63A TPN Switched Isolator
    General Purpose
    13A Twin Gang, to all areas
    Clean Earth Supply
    13A Twin Gang, to all areas
  • Comms
    Show Relay
    Show Relay to: Green Room, Dressing Rooms and Box Office, via over stage Microphone and Dual 100v Line Speakers
    Stage Manager's Paging to all Backstage Areas from stage managers desk.
    Talkback Inputs wired to all areas of Stage, Fly Gallery, Control Room, Orchestra Pit, etc. ASL Pro Dual Channel Base Station (located in Comms Rack)
    5 No. Single Channel Belt Pack
    5 No. Single Muff Headset
    System Management
    2 No. Allen & Heath IDR & Hub
    Stage CCTV
    CCTV Monitor Inputs wired to Stage, Dressing Room, Orchestra Pit, Green Room, Foyer, Box Office and Dress Circle
    1 No. Colour Camera, complete with IR Gun located in the Upper Circle
    5 No. CCTV Monitor
    Stage Managers Desk
    Loom Input DSL and DSR
  • PA System
    Mixing Desk
    Yamaha LS9 32 Digital Mixing Console
    Soundcraft impact
    1 x Nexo NX 4x4 Power Amp (use for front of house system)
    1 x Nexo NX 4x1 Power Amp (use for front of house system)
    1 x Nexo NX 4x1 Power Amp (use for on stage or spare)
    FOH Speakers
    2 x Nexo Ps15 Full Range Cabinet
    4 x Nexo Ps10 Full Range Cabinet
    2 x Nexo Ls600 Sub Bass
    Loose Speakers/ Monitors
    4 x Nexo Ps10 Full Range Cabinet
    2 x db flexsysfm12s active monitors
    1 x Behringer euro live b215D
    Stage Mic/Line
    DSR: 24 x Sends, 8 x Returns
    DSL: 12 x Sends, 4 x Returns
    USR: 6 x Sends
    USL: 6 x Sends
    Orchestra Pit [right]: 12 x Sends, 4 x Returns
    Orchestra Pit [left]: 6 x Sends
    Fly Gallery: All above wired to Control Mic/Line Patch
    Speaker Outlets
    44 x No. NL-4 Speaker Outlets, available throughout stage and orchestra pit, via patch @ Amp Rack
    Hard Drive PC
    1 No. Denon DN-C110 CD Player
    Microphones / D.I.
    9 x Shure SM58 Mic and 1 x SM58 Beta
    4 x Audix I5 mics
    1 x Drum Kit Mic Set AKG Session 1
    10 x Black Boom Stands Tall
    5 x Black Booms Stands Short
    4 x Black Straight Stands
    2 X Sennhiser 500 series 935 Handheld Radio Mic
    6 x Sennhiser 300 series bell packs and 6 x Sennhiser htp headset mics 1 x Black Table Stand
    5 x BSS AAR133 DI Box
    2 x Behringer Ultra-Di Di-100
    25 x XLR and other relevant leads
    Contact Technical Manager for details
    Contact Technical Manager for details
    Mix Position
    Control Room [Centre Rear Auditorium Stalls]
    Please note: Mix position is strictly in Control Room Only
  • House Lighting
    ETC Unison Architectural Control
    Various outstations located around stage, backstage, control and box office
    System also controls all Blue/White Work Light
    Dali PL
    LED Down Lighters
    All levels and groups of seating areas are wired in separate zones / circuits, for separate control.
  • Production Lighting
    126 No. Strand Wallmount 2.5kw
    Onstage: 5 No. 12-way, 16amp, Internally Wired Bars
    3 No.16amp DSL, DSR, USL, USR
    Upper Circle: 36 No. 16amp, in Semi Circular, Internally Wired Bar
    Dress Circle: 12 No. 16amp, SL and SR, Internally Wired Bar
    1 x ETC ION EX and 20x20 Fader Wing
    1 x Strand Palette VL 6400 500 Console
    DMX / Ethernet distributed to all areas, via Control Network, DMX Merge and Splitter & Patch on SL Gallery
    8 No. ETC Source 4 PAR EA Lantern
    12 No. CP PAR Lantern, complete with, CP62
    8 No. Iris 1 Flood Lantern
    15 No. Selecon Rama, 1200 watt, ACCF Fresnel Lantern
    7 No. Selecon Rama, 1200 watt, PC Fresnel Lantern
    8 No. Source 4 Zoom 15/30 Lantern, complete with, Iris and Gobo Holder
    7 No. Source 4 Zoom 25/50 Lantern, complete with, Iris and Gobo Holder
    8 No. Source 4 Zoom 14 Degree lantern, complete with, Iris and Gobo Holder
    2 No. R.J. Ginger, 2000 watt Follow Spot
    3 x Chavuet R2 Spots, Moving Heads
    3 x Prolight Diamond zoom wash, 6 to 60 degrees
    6 x Prolight studio cob wash
    1 No. Unique Hazer (fluid not supplied)
    Please note: Theatre Royal does not supply color

    Projector Screen 4mx3m see fly floor plan downloads for position
    Projector Sanio XM PLC 100 L - 5000 lumes
    Various, DMX, 16 amp extension, Soacapex, splitter, Trelco blocks, & jump cables etc available,
    Contact Technical Coordinator for details.
  • Drapes and Masking
    House Tabs
    Permanent House Velvet on 1 Motor Set, with at DSR
    Permanent Velvet House Border
    BWS Drapes
    2 No. Black Wool Serge.
    Width: 6,200mm (approx.)
    Drop: 2,500mm (approx.)
    BWS Borders
    3 No. Black Wool Serge, Masking Borders.
    Width: 6,200mm (approx.)
    Drop: 2,500mm (approx.)
    BWS Legs
    6 No. Black Wool Serge, Masking Legs.
    Width: 2,000mm (approx.)
    Drop: 6,500mm (approx.)
    Complete with, 6 No. Spring Action Swivel Sets
    1 No. Filled Cloth Cyclorama.
    Width: 6,200mm (approx.)
    Drop: 6,500mm (approx.)
    Stretched on Aluminum Frame
    Black sharks tooth gauze
    Width 6,200mm
    Drop 6,500mm
    Masking Flat
    4 No. 14ft x 4ft Masking Flats
  • Flying and Rigging
    Motorised Sets
    6 x Hauling Bar (5 LX and 1 for House Velvets)
    Travel Speed: 3 Second / Metre
    Max Loading: LX bars 1to 4 - 400kg, Lx 5- 200kg
    Length: 9,000mm
    Hemp Sets
    7No. Hauling Bar
    please note Hauling Bar 3 and 5 on plan are no longer available Max Loading: 70kg
    Length: 9,000mm
    Side Sets
    2 No. Manual Winched Raise & Lowers Sets
    Max Loading: 250kg
    No Rigging Points separate from existing
    Lighting Bars
  • Auditorium
    Level 1
    Stalls - 178 No. Fixed tip up seats, on a raked floor
    Level 2
    Dress Circle - 165 No. Fixed tip up seats on a a raked tier
    Level 3
    Upper Circle - 89 No. Fixed tip up seats on a a raked tier
    Control Room
    Positioned: Rear of Stalls
    Access: from Backstage via The Foyer
    Enclosed Room, with Sliding Windows
  • Stage Area
    Proscenium Stage
    Stage Floor
    Flat. Softwood Timber on Battens (painted black).
    Cross Over
    Long route via a series of backstage corridoors.
    Safety Curtain
    Safety Curtain immediately US of Proscenium
    (Safety Curtain must be able to fly in at all times during performance)
    Pros Width
    5,800mm (from pros to pros)
    Pros Height
    6,400mm (from stage to pros)
    Gallery Width
    9,790mm (from fly gallery to tech gallery)
    Stage Width
    12,400mm (from side wall to side wall @ pros line)
    12,200mm (from side wall to side wall @ US line)
    Stage Height
    1,100mm (from auditorium floor to stage)
    13,500mm (from stage to grid underside)
    7,010mm (from stage to fly / tech gallery)
    Stage Dept
    5,500mm (SR, from US line to safety curtain)
    7,500mm (SL, from US line to safety curtain)
    Stage Extension / Pit Cover, available at request. Extends Stage Depth by 1,800mm @ Centre Line. Ask Technical Manager for details.
    Orchestra Pit
    Curved Permanent Pit, in front of stage, extending 1,800mm (approx.)
    Access: via Backstage, or FOH, Stairwell
    Accommodation: 18 - 25 (approx.)
    Very limited scenery storage space available.
  • General Information
    430 Seat classical Victorian Theatre with Proscenium stage on 3 seating levels.
    The Mall, Waterford.
    +353(0) 51 853626
    Manager: Mary Boland
    Technical Co-ordinator: Dermot Quinn

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