CROWMAN Starring Jon Kenny

CROWMAN Starring Jon Kenny

Date:  31st August

Time: 8:00pm

Price: €21.00


by playwright Katie Holly and performed by Jon Kenny

In Crowman, Jon plays numerous characters both comic and tragic but the primary one is Dan, a man in his 50s who is living alone.  
When he hears about the passing of a dear friend, he is forced to look back on his own troubled youth and face up to his demons. The play is at times poignant and tragic but also has a warmth and humour as Jon slips seamlessly in and out of the many uproariously funny characters. 
The people he depicts are surreal but tinged with tragedy and Jon plays each with his amazing ability of character acting and hilarious humour.

‘Set in a sparsely decorated kitchen, this intimate one-man show starring Jon Kenny ( D'Unbelievables) feels like a window into the soul of a lonely bachelor, Dan. A crow-hating man who noisily tries to shoo the blighted birds away, Dan measures out his life by the amount of funerals he has to attend every week. They are social occasions with the added bonus of refreshments….. Kenny is brilliant in the role, conveying the gamut of emotions. Katie Holly's script is strong, conjuring up a life of quiet desperation

(Collette Sheridan, Irish Examiner)

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CROWMAN Starring Jon Kenny