FLOOD by Ger Bourke

FLOOD by Ger Bourke

Date:  22nd October To 24th October

Time:  8:00pm To 1:00pm

Price: €18.00


  • On booking there is a General Admission policy in place.
  • We will allocate your seat/s in line with the socially distance guidelines to ensure you have a safe and comfortable evening.
  • We will email you your seat number and floor location 2 days before the event along with our helpful tips on arrival to the theatre.



FLOOD by Ger Bourke


October 22nd & 23rd - 8pm
October 24th - 1pm


‘FLOOD’, by Ger Bourke is a look into the lives of Stella and Jack, a married couple in their
fifties adrift in a small boat in modern day Ireland. The rising water has knocked out all lines of
communication. Power lines. Electricity. Television masts. Phone masts. Covered all stop signs.
As they desperately bail water from their now sinking boat the interaction becomes frantic. Can
anything be salvaged from a marriage that is literally and metaphorically; ‘on the’ rocks, before it
is too late.


Written By: Ger Bourke

Director: Jim Nolan

Starring: Lynda Gough and Joe Meagher.

Lighting Design: Richard Lippy Collins.


A co-production of Bag-a-Cats and Rigout Productions.

Supported by Waterford City and County Council, Art Links and Imagine Festival.

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FLOOD by Ger Bourke