Date:  6th September

Time: 8:00pm

Price: €18.00 / €16.00 conc.

Gaitkrash Theatre Company presents


  • Directed - Regina Crowley
  • Translated from German and scripted by Bernadette Cronin, in collaboration with the creative team
  • Original composition - Eimear Reidy
  • Prelude - Mick O’Shea

Following a highly successful premiere at The Everyman in 2018, Gaitkrash is delighted to bring KILLING STELLA to Theatre Royal!

Adapted from Marlen Haushofer’s compelling novella ‘Wir töten Stella (Austria, 1958), KILLING STELLA tells an unflinching story of collusion in abuse, and the price that has to be paid for remaining silent:


Stella is dead, the funeral is over and Anna’s husband, Richard, has taken the children to his mother’s for the weekend. Alone at last, Anna has two days ahead of her to make sense of the catastrophe that unfolds when she takes the 19-year-old Stella into her home. She can’t help the baby bird shrieking in the garden for its mother, but she could have helped Stella…

In keeping with Gaitkrash’s signature exploration across art forms to create cutting-edge theatre, the performers, Bernadette Cronin (actor) and Eimear Reidy (cello), create a multi-layered language of performance to tell this story of the subtle abuse of a powerless young woman, the trauma of teenage pregnancy, and the damage that unfolds when the witness remains silent. Original composition, visual aesthetic, movement and monologue are interwoven to form a finely-tuned and tightly spun tapestry.

Directed by Regina Crowley with Lighting Design by Tim Feehily, Prelude by Mick O’Shea, Set Design by Davy Dummigan & Costume Design by Valentina Gambardella, Gaitkrash‘s KILLING STELLA is a show that challenges the boundaries of theatre, sound, image and choreography. You will be amused, baffled, moved, disturbed – possibly all at the same time! – and guaranteed a show that will linger long after you’ve left the theatre.


‘…Regina Crowley’s direction is still and meditative in a production that reveals in gesture and image as much as it does in language…’

‘… The cello is like an onstage character…’

‘…Key to the success of teasing out the strands of this sombre story is the performance by Bernadette Cronin. She is a picture of elegance and decorum, but she finds a way to make her character one with whom we can connect…’  Liam Heylin, Evening Echo

‘If you’re a lover of intense and intriguing performances that will stay with you after you leave the theatre, KILLING STELLA may be for you.’ Rachel O’Leary, No More Workhorse


This project has been supported by an Arts Council Theatre Project Award, UCC, and CIT

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About Gaitkrash Theatre Company 

Gaitkrash was formed in 2007 by theatre artists Bernadette Cronin, Regina Crowley and sound, visual and food artist Mick O’Shea. The starting point of all our work is the alchemy of collaboration when different artistic filters come together to explore shared questions about human existence and the creative process. The cornerstone of our exploration happens at the intersection between image, text and sound, in keeping with Arnold Schopenhauer’s thesis that when images are accompanied by sound, “the sound seems to open up their most secret sense and meaning, and to constitute the clearest commentary on them”. With each project Gaitkrash continues to explore new territories in order to craft multi-modal performance events that offer the audience a rich, immersive experience and food for reflection long after they’ve left the building.

Previous work includes: COSY (Cork Midsummer Festival, 2019), KILLING STELLA (Everyman Cork, 2018), ENGLAND (Cork Midsummer Festival 2018), NOT I (Cork Midsummer Festival 2016), PLAYING ‘THE MAIDS’ (preview Cork Midsummer Festival 2014, premiere Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, and Wales tour, 2015), BECKETT @ THE FACTORY (National Sculpture Factory 2012),  CABINET OF CURIOSITIES (Granary Theatre, Cork 2006, 2007), The Stack Theatre, CIT (2008), Excursions Festival Limerick (2008), An Crúibín, Cork Midsummer Festival (2009)

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