Rehearsed reading of “STILL WE SING”

Rehearsed reading of “STILL WE SING”

Date:  12th February

Time: 6:00pm

Price: Admission Free: €0.00

Rehearsed reading of ‘Still We Sing’

Written by Martina Collender

Directed by Jim Nolan


Excerpts from ‘Still We Sing’, a new play from one of  Waterford’s most promising playwrights, will be presented to audience as part of the professional development of this new writing.

It’s 1955, Poniatowa. Scarb’s and Cartin’s inhabit this hostile, post WW2 environment with Cartin’s in the majority. Suffering significant economic strain which has led to an increase in unemployment and poverty, Alfred Jodl has overthrown the current government with his military operation, allowing him to create a dictatorship with Cartin’s destroying the lives and homes of Scarbs,setting their land and killing those too weak to defend their right to survive, to live in their own homeland, in any land.

Collender, awarded a Theatre Bursary Award from the National Arts Council, has been developing this work with a view to a full presentation to audience in 2021. You are invited to the rehearsed reading to open a discussion about the work. Q&A will happen immediately after presentation.


This reading is supported by Waterford City and County Council and Theatre Royal Waterford 


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Rehearsed reading of “STILL WE SING”