Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Give experiences rather than stuff

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Give experiences rather than stuff

Think what a difference it would make if you avoided filling up your house with even more stuff this Christmas and gave experiences instead. Here are some ideas to create memorable holidays this year:

Nature experiences

To get into the Christmas mood take a long walk in the woods with your kids, gathering fir cones in all sizes and shapes, cutting some pretty tree branches and mistletoes. Bring them home and build crazy and wild wreaths and Christmas decorations. Get some inspiration on pinterest.

For the Christmas holidays plan a nature adventure day out. Climb the Comeraghs on a sunny, cold day, find a patch of snow (there might be enough for snow angels!) and drink mulled vine out of a vacuum flask.


To think about Christmas all year around you could give your loved one a subscription for their favourite magazines or monthly delivered fancy coffee beans for the coffee nerd friend (e.g. here ). If your loved ones are crafty, encourage their hobby by giving them a knitting box subscription or a monthly treat of pretty cards, notebooks or pens.

Cultural experiences

Shared cultural experiences will stay in your memory forever. Give your loved one’s concert tickets, or tickets for a play, a musical, or a festival. The Theatre Royal Christmas Vouchers are available online or through the box office until Friday 23rd December at 7.30pm. During the Christmas time make sure you visit Winterval festival (Nov 25th- Dec 23rd).


Surprise your kids with memberships to a children’s museum, or the zoo. Or give a gift certificate for their favourite ice cream shop.