Performer Profile Paul Butler

I was born in Waterford city on the 2/3/63. We moved around a little bit but The Folly would be what I would refer to as home. We lived there from when I was around 9 years of age.

I have two sisters, Vivienne and Aine. Both my parents have passed away, Vivienne lives in Chicago and Aine in London. I was the oldest but the only boy so I was spoilt rotten they say. I went to school in St Declans and then De La Salle. In De La Salle there was always afterschool gatherings and soirees of people with guitars and various different instruments. But music for me happened in The Folly. My first band ever was called Sustained with all the Folly boys. Then that progressed into Neuro, which was the big band in Waterford in the 80s. We signed an international record deal with Warner Brothers and we played with Simple Minds, Echo and the Bunneymen, and U2. We supported Phil Lynott on numerous occasions, we also recorded in the studio with him. He was a great guy, a really good person, he was so generous to us as a band. Our famous show in Waterford with him was in the old Regal Cinema where the Book Centre is. The experiences were wonderful but we had what you would call artistic differences or artistic temperaments! So I left and went to London with some of the members of Neuro but it was a difficult place for the Irish to live in 1984. So I decided to move to Australia in 1986 when I was still in my 20’s. I lived in Sydney for 11 years and I carried the music with me. I formed a band called ID (which was short for Imperial Delusions!) We signed a big record deal with Mushroom records and brought out a couple of albums which were well received. We played MTV in American and Australia and Canada. I had trained to be an electrician as an apprentice with Johnny Keatings on the quay in the 80s so that trade allowed me to fund the music in the early days but music was a career for me at that stage. In 1997 I came home while in the process of recording another record but my dad died very suddenly while I was home and mum was quite ill so that changed everything and I never went back. It was the only thing to do. I then began teaching electrical apprentices and that is now one side of my life. I was with Fas but that has changed now to the ETBI (the education & training board of Ireland). So that is my fulltime job but you never know….

In 2010 I put together the Propellor Palms and in 2011 we released our debut album. The new album “Old Dog New Tricks” is due out later this month and I am very excited about that. Music is to me what golf is to some people, it’s my passion. I got a taste for fame a number of times and it is one of those things that you don’t want to let go of. It is an evil twist of fate as Mr Dylan would say. It can affect you in many ways, it can hurt you and then it can make you happy, it’s how responsible you are with it. I have had good times and bad times but through it all I still have a love of performing and writing.

“Old Dog New Tricks” will be released at their exclusive gig in The Theatre Royal on Friday November 11th.