Theatre Royal presents Subtitle European Film Day!

Saturday the 22nd October Theatre Royal presents the Subtitle European Film Festival Day! The day is inspired by the very popular Subtitle European Film Festival that takes place annually in Kilkenny (this year: 21st - 27th of November). With four viewings of some of the most popular European films spread over the day Theatre Royal will be transformed into a cinema for just one day. This is a unique opportunity to catch provocative, funny and smart European films that rarely show up at the multiplex!

A Coffee in Berlin, 1pm, €6

A Coffee In Berlin

This gem of a satire/tragic comedy from German director Jan Ole Gerster, stars Tom Schilling as Nico Fischer, a college-drop out, trudging the streets of Berlin open to any kind of distraction which might help him put off confronting big life issues that follow adolescence. Book tickets here.

Heart of a Lion, 3pm, €8

This is the story of a Finnish white supremacist who finds his prejudices challenged when he falls in love with a woman who has a bi-racial child. The trademark of director, Dome Karukoski, is his ability to infuse comedy into very big, serious ideas and this drama is no different. Book tickets here.

Status: Single, 5.30pm, €8

Danila Kozlovsky stars in this terrific oddball romantic comedy as stand-up comedian, Nikita Kolesnikov, who is convinced that he has finally met his true love at a variety night; unfortunately, it turns out the feelings are not mutual and the movie charts the extraordinary lengths to which he goes to win her heart. Book tickets here.

Victoria, 8pm, €8

Part thriller, part heist movie, part romance, VICTORIA is simply a scintillating piece of filmmaking. Shot in real time in one take, it features astonishing performances especially from Laia Costa and Freddie Lau. A casual flirtation between Victoria (Costa) and Sonne (Lau), gives little indication of danger; but as the relationship develops a more sinister world of begins to unfold and one which threatens to run out of control. Special mention should be made for the brilliant camerawork of Sturla Brandth-Grøvlen. For cinephiles who missed this in the cinema, chalk this up as a must-see. Book tickets here.