Welcome to our new Website!

Our digital Partners Emagine Media have supported the theatre in bringing you the newest and easiest way to get information on upcoming events in the theatre. Emagine have added tabs for reviews and YouTube links for each event so if you are undecided on what to book for, there will be lots more visuals to help you make up your mind.

A few of the new things on this site are the Where to stay and Eat in Waterford. This will highlight all the fab places to eat near the theatre before a show.

Often there is a Musial Theatre show that booked into the theatre well in advance but not on sale so we now have a Save The Date tab where you can see where you can plan your night out well in advance.

There is an export to calendar link on all events – so you don’t miss anything you really wanted to see but didn’t get around to booking tickets for yet!

Finally do bear with us as we get all our information on line. We welcome feedback on the new site so drop me a line if you find something isn’t working for you.